Bridge the Gap- Grand Salon

Dates February 28, 2018 8:00 AM–March 1, 2018 5:00 PM
Location Grand Salon
Description Exhibit

Inspired from the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, faculty, staff, and students are all welcome to participate in the event. Bridge the Gap is a full sensory, facilitated experience and is approximately 20 minutes per group of about 20 participants for the tours followed by a 15 minute debrief, optional pledge and giveaways. This year, Bridge the Gap will focus on realizing one’s own privilege while learning about oppression individuals face in the United States society. This programmatic event will address ableism, sexism, heterosexism, white/white passing privilege, erased history, and activism. Participants walk through different rooms revealing a plethora of information and visual media related to social inequity present in our nation’s past and present. The entire experience is facilitated by professional and orchestrated by paraprofessional student staff in the Residence Hall Association. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect and pursue understanding that one person can make a difference in ending the cycle of oppression. Information, opportunities for activism, campus and community resources will be provided at the event.

Open to Campus community
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