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Name Title Email Affiliation
Flores, Donna Vea Director of Faculty Affairs Faculty
Foley, Drew Faculty
Forthe, Darrell Faculty
Fox, Victoria Extended University Faculty Faculty
Francois, Marie E University Experience Program Director Faculty
Freeman, Holly E Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
French, Kem Anthony Coordinator of Student Leadership Programs Faculty
Frisch, Scott A Instr Fac AY Faculty
Furmanski, Matthew Professor of Art Faculty
Galaviz, Loretta Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Galipeau Jr, Russell Edward Lecturer AY - ESRM - 2 Faculty
Garcia, Gary Henry Lecturer AY - Sociology Faculty
Garcia, Jorge Professor - Math Faculty
Garcia, Ryan Austin Senior User Experience Designer Faculty
Gentry, Eric Elwood Lecturer AY-COMP-2 Faculty
Geringer, Elizabeth Ashton Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Gillespie, David Blake Program Chair and Professor - Chemistry Faculty
Goldstein, Nicole Karen Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Gollub, Helene H Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Gonzalez, Javier Assist Prof - Spanish Faculty
Gonzalez, Jesus Lecturer AY - Sociology Faculty
Gonzalez, Lorna Instructional Designer Faculty
Grey, Natalie Elizabeth Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Grier, Jeanne M Program Chair & Professor of Education Faculty
Griffin, John J. Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Grove, Andrea K Professor - Political Science Faculty
Grzegorczyk, Ivona Program Chair & Professor of Mathematics Faculty
Gunther, Richard E Extended University Faculty Faculty
Gutierrez- Jimenez, Melissa Ann Joy Lecturer AY-HLTH-2 Faculty
Guzman, Georgina G Associate Professor of English Faculty
Hadley, Peter H Temporary Librarian Faculty Faculty
Hales, Katrina Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Halim, Udayabagya Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Hampton, Philip D Professor - Chemistry Faculty
Hannans, Jaime Alicia Associate Professor - Nursing Faculty
Harper, Clint Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Harper, Peter M Lecturer AY - Art - 3 Faculty
Harris, Colleen Susan Sr. Associate Librarian Faculty
Harris, Gareth Peter Assistant Professor - Biology Faculty
Hartman, Brett David Lecturer AY - ESRM - 3 Faculty
Hartnett, Carol Bateman Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Hartung, Elizabeth Emeritus Faculty
Hasendonckx, Michelle Assistant Director, Student Academic Success & Equity Initiatives Faculty
Hasson, Jessica Lecturer AY - University Course Faculty
Helling, Joel Nicholas Lecturer AY-COMP-2 Faculty
Henchy, Vivian Laubacher Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Hoffmann, Debra A Librarian Faculty
Ho, Phuoc Le Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Htway, Zin Maung Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Huang, Jill CAPS Psychologist Faculty