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Name Title Email Affiliation
Cooper, Dylan Anthony Assistant Professor - Management Faculty
Corbett, Scott Lecturer AY - History Faculty
Correia, Manuel G Prgrm Chair & Prof Education Faculty
Costache, Irina D Professor - Art Faculty
Costa, Matthew Laurence Teaching Associate Faculty
Coughran, Sharon Meg Lecturer AY - Art Faculty
Covault, Laura Lynn Lecturer AY - Performing Arts Faculty
Covich, Skylar Joseph Lecturer AY - Political Science Faculty
Craddock, Blair Susanne Lecturer AY-HLTH-2 Faculty
Crisostomo, VincentMark Briones Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Cross, Melanie S Lecturer AY - Nursing Faculty
Curtis, Matthew C Lecturer AY - Anthropology Faculty
Dabirian, Shahabedin Lecturer AY-ECON-4 Faculty
Dabos, Monica Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Dai, Hua Program Chair & Associate Professor - Management Information Systems Faculty
Dallali, Houman Assistant Professor - Mechatronics Engineering Faculty
Dalton, Jessyka Academic Program Analyst Faculty
Damron, David Paul Ext U Faculty - TH901 Faculty
D'Angelo, Noel Dominic Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Davis, LaSonya Adele Associate Professor - Nursing Faculty
de Oca, Beatrice M Program Chair & Professor - Psychology Faculty
Dean, Michelle Assistant Professor - Education Faculty
Deans, Nancy L Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Decker, Beverly Lecturer AY - Art Faculty
Delaney, Colleen Interim Program Chair & Professor of Anthropology Faculty
Delgado Helleseter, Miguel Antonio Assistant Professor, Economics Faculty
Delgado, Jasmine Gloria Assistant Professor - Art Faculty
DeLoach, Scott David Lecturer AY - English Faculty
Denton, Amy L Professor - Biology Faculty
Derrico, Jay Alan Assistant Director of Veterans Affairs Programs Faculty
Detar, Whitney James Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Dilly, Geoffrey Fowler Assistant Professor - Biology Faculty
Dinkler, Sarah Anne Lecturer AY - Nursing Faculty
Dixon, Laz Faculty
Dobson, Kristen Lauriel Academic Advisor Faculty
Dougherty, Geoff Faculty
Downey, Dennis J Professor - Sociology Faculty
Drescher, Talya Louise Assistant Professor - Education Faculty
Duenas, Osbelia Teaching Associate Faculty
Duran, Monica Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Ebuen, Milagros Tabije Lecturer AY - Nursing Faculty
Elliott, Jesse C Professor - Math Faculty
Ellis, Catherine Marie Lecturer AY - Art Faculty
Ellsworth, Jennifer Rose Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Ernest, Brooke Assistant Professor - Math Faculty
Estrada, Mari Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Estrada, Rudolph Faculty
Evans, Bethany Laura Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Evans, Charmon Lecturer AY - Liberal Studies Faculty
Evans-Taylor, Genevieve Marie Chief of Staff Faculty