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Name Title Email Affiliation
Thorpe-Cartee, Barbara Emeritus Faculty
Tivy, Anna Nikolaevna Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Tollefson, Kaia Professor of Education Faculty
Tomlin, Bryan Alexander Assistant Professor - Economics Faculty
Tufenkjian, Adriana Lecturer AY - Languages Faculty
Turner, Kyndra P Lecturer AY - English Faculty
Udolph, Stacy Clinician Faculty
Vader, Bryan Edward Teaching Associate Faculty
Valadez, Veronica Lecturer AY - Chicano Studies Faculty
Valentine, Aurora S Lecturer AY - Art Faculty
Veldman, Brittnee V Assistant Professor - Chemistry Faculty
Ventura Luna, Silvia Lecturer AY - Languages Faculty
Vierra, Vicki Faculty
Volkan, Kevin Professor - Psychology Faculty
Volpe, Claudia M Lecturer AY - Languages Faculty
Vose, Kimberly Anne Assistant Professor - English Faculty
Wagner III, William E Professor of Health Science & Sociology Faculty
Wakelee, Daniel Emeritus Faculty
Walker, Launice R Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Wallingford, Ronald Howard Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Walsh, Wendy Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Wang, Ching Emeritus Faculty
Wasniowski, Richard Alex Lecturer AY - Computer Science Faculty
Weckbacher, Lisa Marie Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Weis III, Walter Charles Assistant Professor of Education Faculty
West, Phil P Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Wheeler, Christopher W Lecturer AY - Geology Faculty
White, Annie Assistant Professor - Early Childhood Studies Faculty
Wiers, Matthew Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Williamson, Christopher B Lecturer AY - ESRM Faculty
Winans, Ashley Elisa Lecturer AY-HLTH-3 Faculty
Wolfe, William Emeritus Faculty
Wolf, Richard Baxter Lecturer AY - History Faculty
Wood, Gregory G Associate Professor - Physics Faculty
Woo, Mary Andrea Lecturer AY - ESRM Faculty
Worden, Laura Marie Reference & Instruction Librarian Faculty
Wyels, Cynthia J Interim Associate Dean Faculty
Yalcin, Taylan Assistant Professor - Marketing Faculty
Yang, Emma X Lecturer AY - Computer Science Faculty
Yates, Kathryn Ann Lecturer AY - Nursing Faculty
Yi, Peter Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Yudelson, John A Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Zane, Wallace Wayne Lecturer AY - Anthropology Faculty
Zdanowicz, Francois Lecturer AY - University Course Faculty
Zhao, Chunnian Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Zuniga Olea, Juan Apolinar Lecturer AY - Math Faculty