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Name Title Email Affiliation
Mlynarik, Robin Lynne Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Monsma, Bradley J Program Chair - Professor of English Faculty
Moon, Michelle Professor - Psychology Faculty
Moreno Campos, Raul Ernesto Lecturer AY - University Course Faculty
Morgan-Durisseau, Shante Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Morris, J. Andrew Professor - Business Faculty
Morrison, James M Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Moss, Kari L Assistant Director of EOP Faculty
Mozingo, Nancy M Program Chair & Professor of Biology Faculty
Munroe, William H Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Muraoka, Dennis Emeritus Faculty
Murphy, Paul Associate Professor - Performing Arts Faculty
Musashi, Kathy Faculty
Nam, Sunghee Oswald Lecturer AY - Sociology Faculty
Nasr, Jessica David Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Natalizio, Mike Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Nelson, David A Lecturer AY - Physics Faculty
Neufeldt-Abatie, Carla Jane Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Neuman, Dawn Suzanne FERP Professor - Biology Faculty
Nevins, Colleen M Assistant Professor - Nursing Faculty
Newman, Julia F Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Ng, Benny Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Nguyen, Jarmila Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Niemi, Charlene Anne Assistant Professor - Nursing Faculty
Nolde, Lance Assistant Professor - History Faculty
Norris, Steven M Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Oberson, Todd Parrish Assistant Director of Advising, Technology Services Coordinator Faculty
O'Connor, Lindsey T. Assistant Professor - Sociology Faculty
O'Hirok, Linda Susan Lecturer AY - ESRM Faculty
Oliva Olson, Carola Associate Professor - Education Faculty
Olsthoorn, Rachel JohannaHendrica Lecturer AY - Anthropology Faculty
Onzol, Christopher Peter Lecturer AY - Computer Science Faculty
Ornelas-Higdon, Julia Yvette Assistant Professor - History Faculty
Osslund, Timothy D Extended University Faculty Faculty
Paasch, Carol Ann Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Pacheco, Pilar Managing Director of the Center for Community Engagement Faculty
Paiva, Claudio AC Professor - Economics Faculty
Parmar, Nitika S Professor - Biology Faculty
Patsch, Kiki Assistant Professor - ESRM Faculty
Patten, Barbara Tweedy Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Patzert, William Faculty
Pehlivan, Ekin Assistant Professor - Marketing Faculty
Penton, Rachel E Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Perchuk, Alison Locke Associate Professor - Art Faculty
Pereira, Monica A Associate Librarian Faculty
Perez, Rafael Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Perry, Jennifer E Assoc Professor - Anthropology Faculty
Peters, Joan FERP Professor - English Faculty
Philips, David Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Pilarczyk, Pawel Assist Prof - Comp Sci Faculty