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Name Title Email Affiliation
Harris, Tammi Faculty
Hartman, Brett David Lecturer AY - ESRM Faculty
Hartnett, Carol Bateman Lecturer AY - Education Faculty
Hartung, Elizabeth Emeritus Faculty
Hasendonckx, Michelle Assistant Director, Student Academic Success & Equity Initiatives Faculty
Hasson, Jessica Lecturer AY - University Course Faculty
Henchy, Vivian Laubacher Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Hockett, Richard Faculty
Hoffmann, Debra A Reference & Instructional Librarian- Associate Faculty
Ho, Phuoc Le Lecturer AY - Math Faculty
Hornbuckle, James D Special Consultant Faculty
Htway, Zin Maung Lecturer AY - Biology Faculty
Huang, Nian-Sheng Emeritus Faculty
Huckestein, Cecilia Dudley Lecturer AY - Psychology Faculty
Hunter, Pauline Faculty
Hutchinson, Catherine E Associate Senior Biology Technician Faculty
Itkonen, Tiina Associate Professor - Education & Political Science Faculty
Jacobson, Dax Faculty
Jaeger, Alan W Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Jenkins, Jacob Assistant Professor - Communication Faculty
Jensen, Karen A FERP Professor - Nursing Faculty
Jepson, Mark C Lecturer AY - Sociology Faculty
Jiménez-Jiménez, Antonio Chair of Communication / Spanish & Professor of Spanish Faculty
Jordan, Kristin Marie IRPE Research Analyst Faculty
Jordan, Rachael Lecturer AY - English Faculty
Joseph, Crisjoe Abraham Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Juarez, Callie Faculty
Juarez, Sergio Fernando Lecturer AY - Communication Faculty
Justice, Clifton R Lecturer AY - ENGL Faculty
Kamei, Shoichi Greg Lecturer AY - English Faculty
Karp, Joan Emeritus Faculty
Kee-Rose, Kimmy Professor - Psychology Faculty
Kelly, Sean Q Program Chair & Professor of Political Science Faculty
Khan, Safa Shakir-Shatnawi Lecturer AY - Chemistry Faculty
Kilpatrick, Neva Emeritus Faculty
King, Cynthia Faculty
King, Lizabeth Professor - Art Faculty
Kinsey, Gary Wayne FERP Faculty Faculty
Klompien, Kathleen Lecturer AY - ENGL Faculty
Koch, Manfred Georg Lecturer AY - Liberal Studies Faculty
Koch, William Faculty
Kornuc, Sandra Lecturer AY - Languages Faculty
Kroll, Panda L Lecturer AY - Business Faculty
Kubitza, Anette Lecturer AY - Art Faculty
Lambert, Julie Faculty
Lambrinos, John Faculty
Lane, Doug Special Consultant Faculty
Lanthier, Bonnie Faculty
Leafstedt, Jill Exec Director, Teaching & Learning/Sr. Acad Tech Officer Faculty
Lebioda, Edwin A Assoc VPSA -Wellness & Athletics Faculty